#9 of 10 Post-Race Q&As (as noted down by The Ship’s Parrot)

Jubilant Crew - Fastnet Finish - 16aug13

Jubilant Crew – Fastnet Finish – 16aug13

Q9: What would you like your next sailing challenge to be?


Newport – Bermuda 2014, Sydney – Hobart 201?


Make an offshore season with my wife, ….or I will not do. 


Apart from staying sober for the Wednesday night series, I’m looking at Newport Bermuda, Sydney Hobart, Newport Lizard, the Pineapple Cup and the Caribbean RORC series.


I would like my next challenge to be an Atlantic crossing onboard my yacht Seremban, but I’m always open to offers 


… I only arrived home today … haven’t even thought about it yet!


I would like to do a SOL Newport – Bermuda Race.

To be continued:

Q10: If someone who knows nothing about sailing, nothing about boats and yachting, were to ask you about the Fastnet Race – what would you say to them?

by Joanne / RainbowChaser (jsbc007@aol.com)


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