and what about the Ship’s Parrot…..

checking performance

checking performance

Extra Question: Did you enjoy having a Ship’s Parrot? What was good (or bad!) about it?


It was funny, mainly because he always have the answers. As Gilberto used to say: “Ask the Parrot”.

checking charts and routing...

checking charts and routing…



YES! RC had always an aswer and was always right!

Gilles and RC, the Ship's Parrot, become acquainted!

Gilles and RC, the Ship’s Parrot, become acquainted!


I enjoyed using it as a ceremonial punchbag before venturing up in the graveyard watch.

Ship's Parrot, RC, and crew - The Solent

Ship’s Parrot, RC, and crew – The Solent


RC the parrot was very welcome onboard, we talked a lot during the nights. RC would just turn up here and there without warning though, I suppose checking on things.

taking a turn as grinder

taking a turn as grinder


RC the Parrot was a great stress reliever. I would talk to RC when the crew were getting on my nerves!!! Sadly for the parrot, it also became the ‘blame hound’ …. ‘someone’ tended to fart quite a lot and the poor parrot got the blame …

RC also was pretty knowledgeable …. whenever we needed the answer to a question, we ‘asked the parrot’ ….. the source of much amusement…. especially at 3am, asking Gilberto ‘Are you asleep?’ and he’d reply ‘I danno, ask de parrot’ 🙂

RC would be moved around the boat a lot … inside when it was damp, outside swinging from the sprayhood when it was nice 🙂 I’m surprised his feathers didn’t fade in the sunlight 🙂

Sophie cooking at an angle

Sophie cooking at an angle – parrot “flying”



Ask the Parrot ….. Became the watchword for many questions, especially if they concerned the reliability of weather forecasts. So, yes, the Parrot was a source of comic relief and a welcome addition to the crew 🙂


Watching over Chaos (Tony)

Watching over Chaos (Tony)

by Joanne / RainbowChaser (

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