The Cure Parkinson’s Trust Guest Evening. The final chapter of the campaign.

Sitting at home Wednesday afternoon 20th November, looking out the window at the driving rain & hail, wind gusting  30 mph thinking, we have got to go out in that in a minute and walk 3/4 of a mile to the station.

It wouldn’t bother me if I was going sailing but Nicky was dressed in her best and looking fab, I was in best trousers, team J polo shirt and jacket. This is going to be a long wet day.

The rain & hail stopped, by the time we were out the front door the sun was shining and not a cloud in sight I was amazed and much happier.

A quick train ride and we were at Bond Street London, a little early, hmm a quick beer & wine then.


Bond Street

20131120_181114                                                               Nicky sipping rose in a Bond Street pub just before The CPT evening.

We (Jubilant Fastnet team) from the start wanted to raise funds for 2 charities that meant a lot to us. Being sailors the RNLI was the obvious one. Joanne Clements as most of you know as the Sailonline Goddess RainbowChaser has Parkinson’s, so when she suggested TCPT the search for a second charity was over.

We arrived on time and were invited in. Walking into the room was an eye opener for me, I hadn’t realised how bad Parkinson’s disease can affect people. Ordinary people like you and me with such violent involuntary movements of their body and limbs.

One lady arrived looking a bit nervous and shook up, she doesn’t have much confidence and rarely leaves home, it’s a big deal for her to get into London, she touched my heart, I felt choked, I wanted to pick her up, hug her and tell her everything will be ok, but I can’t. The best I can do is help find a cure by raising funds, so that is what I will continue to do.

20131120_185046                                           Nicky talking to a lovely couple who used to sail a Moody until Parkinson’s got the better of him.

There was free-flowing wine and soft drinks all evening, so while my glass was being topped up I overheard someone say 100 marathons, this caught my attention so I had to investigate. Politely, Nick and I joined the conversation. The gentleman’s name was John Turner, he was with his good friend Peter Rogers, both these guys had run 100 marathons and several other long distance events including a 116 mile 24 hour run for TCPT. This year they had run from John O’Groats to Lands End, running 30 miles a day for 29 days with no days off.  They have written a book called Shake Jogle & Roll, I must read their story so we bought the book and got it signed. I was fascinated by their stories. The book is available on the CPT website


                                                            From left to right: Nicky, Peter Rogers, John Turner & some handsome bloke.

Our very own Joanne Clements asked me to hunt down Theresa and tell her a bit about the Fastnet and sailing. Theresa is one of the organisers of this evening, so is very busy making sure it runs smooth and well, but we did manage to have a quick chat about the race, the team and how we came about and that we would continue to raise funds for TCP.

20131120_201725Theresa, Nicky and that handsome dude again.

There was a speech to thank everyone for their support and what people had done to support TCPT, from a 1 mile swim to running the length of Great Britain and walking the coast of Great Britain, fund-raisers have raised over £250,000 this year.  One person raised £ 75,000 alone in one day. This evening’s raffle raised £950.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Robert Neilson (Tyger) for his contribution to the campaign. he was due to sail the Fastnet with JFC but had to pull out just 1 month before the race. He insisted the team kept his funds for the campaign. The remaining funds around £150 will be given to the charities on behalf of Tyger. Thanks Robert, I hope your Fastnet will be the next one in 2015.

20131120_192410The speech and raffle.

20131120_191616Enjoying the evening.

We had a fantastic evening & met some great people. I am much more aware of what Parkinson’s disease is now. The Cure Parkinson’s Trust are very confident that a cure is on the brink of being discovered. We want to help as much as we can to find the cure. Our fund-raising may not be large amounts, but every penny is a step towards the cure. So I have bought CPT christmas cards for the JFC team.


A toast to Cure Parkinsons, the team & Tyger!!

Thanks Cure Parkinson’s Trust for a great evening

As we were about to get on the train home I spotted this van. For those of you who are thinking whats so special about that, people who use are known as SOLers, I just thought it was a bit of a coincidence we were representing the SOL Fastnet team that night.



All good things come to an end.

This campaign started one year ago. To prepare for, qualify and complete the 2013 Fastnet race. I am very proud of everyone who has been involved with the campaign. Thanks to everyone who helped raise the funds for our charities. Thanks to Sailonline and SOLers and friends for your support.

Martin, Sophie, Armando, Gilberto, Tony, Jerry. SUCCESSFULL JOB DONE GUYS.


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