About the SOLers Fastnet

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The Fastnet Sailors.

ybw_mjm ybw_mjm

BER_Baggus BER_Baggus

Gilles Gilles


chaos Chaos

sadlersailing sadlersailing

AB1_2 Amigo do Boteco 1

A group of SOLers have taken on the challenge to qualify for and compete in the 2013 Rolex Fastnet Race. Follow their campaign here.

Yacht- Jubilant Moody S 38
Moody S38
Introduced: September 1995
Ceased: June 1998
Built by: Marine Projects (Plymouth) Limited
Designer: Bill Dixon
Boats Built: 60


Fastnet Crew

Martin Johnson (ybw_mjm) GBR Skipper owner.

Nigel Gilchrist (sadlersailing) GBR Watch leader.

Sophie Turner (CG) GBR  Head cook & First aid.

Gilberto Gaidano (Gilles) ITA Chief navigator.

Tony Leigh (Chaos) USA

Jeremy Burnham (BER_Baggus) BER

Armando Faria (Amigo do Boteco 1) POR/BRA

The Fastnet crew have the _JUB  suffix on SOL boats.

Extra Qualifiing Crew

Colin Hammond (JuJu) GBR

Steve Smith (akvavit) GBR

Nicky Read (MoodyNick) GBR


One response to “About the SOLers Fastnet

  1. Good for you Sophie.I thought it would be your sister.You must be on your way back.Quick trip.Good luck to you all.

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