“Probably the best sailing navsim online”

Sailonline is the most developed virtual ocean-racing navigation simulator on the internet, with several unique features that cannot be found elsewhere. This web-based game provides an environment where both the beginner at home and the experienced round-the-world sailor will find fun and excitement side by side. The old cliché “five minutes to learn, a lifetime to master” truly describes Sailonline. The winner is the player who can most strategically use the boat performance within the conditions of the race and the weather.

Sailonline has been actively running on the internet for several years and has a continuously expanding collection of lake, offshore and ocean race types, many of which are designed and proposed by SOLers themselves. Boat types are kept up to date and new boat types – from Viking longship to 125ft catamaran with everything in between – are regularly added.

“good friendly chat”

“everyone so helpful”

“It has everything I want and nothing I don’t want/ Its certainly a sailing strategy competition rather than just a game and you are rewarded or punished for your decisions.”

Cape Horn


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